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Bayville Shorthairs began in 2001 when  we became hooked on our first GSP that came from a small breeder in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  We took Susie home to Summerville, South Carolina hence the name Bayville.  Scott trained and handled Susie all the way through her AKC Master Hunter title.  She was our first GSP and boy did she make it look easy.  We lost Susie just five short years after she selected us as her family.  She died as a result of complications that arose from losing our first foundation litter just 2 weeks before.  Sadly, we learned the extreme hard way that no matter how long you have used a vet only you truly know your dog.  Always, always trust your instinct - you know and love your dog better than anyone!!!  So we have had to start over as far as a breeding program goes.  Today, we have two beautiful girls that came from Sharon and Steve Dattilio, (Shomberg GSP’s) in our home and a really nice male to work with.  All of them are Show Champions.  Two of them are AKC Master Hunters and the third is a finished Senior and now has one leg toward her Master title.   During his training with Susie, Scott realized his training abilities and he began to train other dogs and their owners.  This is where it all started with the idea of my wife deciding to “lets get a puppy while we are in Wisconsin this summer.”

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