Ashley and Cobie

Ashley has been a long time friend and client bringing Cobie out to see us for years.  In the beginning we had our doubts that he would ever hunt and use to kid about him wearing a saddle pack to just carry extra shells and water for us in the field.  To prove dogs understand what we say that day he started hunting and has proved himself ever since.  Never a typical GSP covering the ground as most do,  Cobie is very methodical and slow worker.  Although his nose never lets us down and he finds birds as good as any big running dog.  This past weekend they came to the field for an end of season hunt.  Cobie is 15 years old and at his typical yet older methodical pace hunted for over an hour finding bird after bird allowing Ashley to flush and shoot several birds over her longtime hunting companion.  It was such an honor and a joy to have them both in the field.  The eyesight not as good as it was in his younger days and the ears sometimes probably more selective hearing than not hearing but the nose never quit.  It was a day and a hunt that we will all charish forever.  Hope to see them again in the fall.  Enjoy the pictures Ashley we captured some good moments.  Good boy Cobie!!

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